The PSCSTA Spring 2019 Programming Contest held on April 20 at the Microsoft Commons in Redmond was an enormous success. With approximately 180 students from 85 teams, this was the largest number of students we have ever had for a spring event.

Special thanks to our keynote speaker George Moore, Chief Technology Officer, Azure Global Retail Engineering, Microsoft Corp for his speech on computer science and the work of tomorrow

Thank you to Grace Waylen, Matt Paulson, Kenny Chan, Rachel Huang, Patrick O’Steen, and Kevin Wang from TEALS for sponsoring this event by providing the venue, food, t-shirts, coordination and promotional assistance.

An additional shout out to all those who helped make the event happen: Lawrence Tanimoto for organization and communication; Kory Srock our master of ceremonies who also found our speaker; Alec McTavish, the Master Of Google Spreadsheets, for registration; Daniel Lafferty and Amanda O’Neal for handling permission forms and check-in; Lauren Bricker for financial management and raffle prizes, Tracey Sconyers for food management, Earl Bergquist for t-shirt design, photography management, and trophies; Brett Wortzman for sage advice; Anna Burago, Ioulia Levenkova, Lawrence Tanimoto, and David Wyde for packet creation; and our lead and head judges Michael Hawker – Lead Judge; Chad Magendanz (Head Intermediate/Novice Judge), Andrew Fitz Gibbon (Head Advanced Judge).

Photos from the contest:

Intermediate/Novice winners

GoldIndecisionMontlake Terrace High SchoolStephen Yang
Silver The CodersEastlake High SchoolSheshank Shankar
BronzeNaomiNewport High SchoolNaomi Bashkansky

Advanced division

GoldVoidTesla STEM High SchoolTony Li
Maxwell Wang
Surya Gorantla
Silver Delete System 32Newport High SchoolAndrew Liu
Terrance Li
Eric Liu
BronzeQuick SortThe Bear Creek SchoolNelson Sun
Peter Li

Please contact us for a copy of the results.