An Unconference is an informal and yet (slightly) structured way for a group of people to share out ideas in small, organic groups. Unbeknownst to us, we did one of these a few years ago and it was quite a hit, and has been requested as a topic since. So…

Our next PSCSTA meeting will be an Unconference!

When: March 24, 12:00 (arrive and socialize), 12:30-2:30 for program with more social time at the end
Where: Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) Gates Commons (6th floor)

Event Schedule:
12:00 – Arrive/socialize (Parking is free on campus after noon)
12:30 – 2:30: Unconference!
2:30 – Time to continue discussion or to socialize

If you would like to come strictly as a participant! Great!
If you feel you have something to share, even better! Topics are finalized on the date of the Unconference but could include:

– What happened at SIGCSE?
– How K-12 curriculum is changing as more students are seeing CS at earlier grades.
– CS Teach strategies in Elementary/MS/HS
– What to do for post AP projects?
– There’s all this talk about Data Science? Should I be doing it?
– What’s a good Post AP class?
– Robotics dos and don’ts
– Or many others

If you have other topics you would like to include PLEASE bring them!

Some may find this article helpful: How to prepare to attend an Unconference

NOTE: Participants who wish may have this workshop count for clock hours, sponsored by the PSCSTA and the UW Dawgbytes program. If interested, you will be required to do one follow up hour of reflective writing after the 2 hour workshop will be eligible to receive 3 clock hours.