PSCSTA is thrilled to have hosted Crystal Hess, Computer Science Instructor at Shoreline Community College, for her workshop entitled “Teaching Diverse Students with a Lens on Equity” on January 20. Nearly 20 PSCSTA members and other local CS educators joined us for this session where attendees were challenged to reflect on their teaching practices and how we all could work to create safe and equitable learning environments for all our students. Attendees participated in discussions about their own experiences with equity, how they deal with issues of diversity in their classes, and what techniques can be useful in responding to different situations and scenarios. Said one workshop attendee: “It was amazing to get to discuss these issues with fellow educators and learn about the unique circumstances we each face in our classrooms. I definitely have a lot of new ideas for how I can create a more inclusive space for my students.”

If you’d like to learn more about the workshop, you can view the slides or contact Crystal.

Thanks to Crystal Hess for facilitating the workshop, Lauren Bricker for organizing, and the University of Washington for providing space. Thanks also to Jeremy Munroe for helping to make clock hours available to those who attended the workshop.